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Drilling Rig

Drilling hole in the earths surface to access natural resources is possible by using a portable drilling rig. Research companies can use this machine to take samples from the ground. This machine can also be found in mine sites to blast holes.


Drilling Rig Accessories

Drilling rig accessories have significant role in transferring torque and power to rig engine. Based on their design, this range of accessories is also used as suitable supporting options during execution of DTH drilling.

Tractor Mounted Drilling Rig

 Tractor mounted drilling rigs are offered in different models having various drilling depth maintaining capacities. This product range is especially used for drilling of photovoltaic panels, blasting holes, foundation etc.

Rotary Drilling Rigs

Trolley Mount Direct Rotary Drilling Rigs can maintain 230 feet drilling depth with 200 mm to 400 mm drill hole diameter range. These belt drive based drilling rigs are equipped with mud pump, oil tank etc.

Water Well Drilling Rig

Water well drilling rigs are suitable for maintaining up to 600 feet boring depth. Available in 4 ton weight, this range of drilling rigs can operate at maximum 230 psi operating pressure.

Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs

Trolley Mounted Multi Functional Water Well Drilling Rigs are especially used for angle drilling and rotary drilling purpose. Offered rigs  are equipped with powerful 110 hp engine, large water tank and mud pump.

Exploration Rig

Tractor Mounted Blast Hole Drilling Rigs are mainly used for drilling of water well and petroleum drilling job. Made of mild steel, this range of drilling rigs maintain up to 100 meters of drilling depth.


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