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Receive a top-notch product range comprising Portable Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig, Diamond Core Wire Line Drilling Rig, etc.
About Us

In these severe market competitiveness, it can be difficult for many businesses to achieve a good position. Fortunately, we, Jia International have been able to obtain recognition in the market as a result of our unrelenting efforts and perseverance. Our rapid growth may be attributed to the extensive selection of product options we provide to clients, such as Industrial Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig, Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig, Diamond Core Wire Line Drilling Rig, and so on, all of which meet their specific needs. Since the incorporation of our company in the year 2012, we have been a major manufacturer and supplier of such superior quality products and we provide them to customers at reasonable prices, which explains our great market recognition.


Below mentioned is the history of our company:

  • Roto Master (India), a subsidiary of Jia International, began with a modest engineering workshop with the goal of taking on contracts and providing services to local enterprises, as well as manufacturing rotational moulding machines and moulds for sale in the local market. These goods were a success, and Jia International gained a reputation as a trustworthy fabricator.
  • Jia International began with sheet metal fabrication and quickly progressed to engineering projects of increasing complexity. In terms of scale and complexity, the organisation now sets international engineering benchmarks.
  • Jia International received orders for rotational moulding machines and moulds for sale to Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific nations after the year 2006.
  • Jia International began hand fabrication operations in the manufacturing of chemical process equipment, ribbon blenders, batch type solvent extraction, and distillation plants sometime around 2007.
  • Jia International produced the vertical axis wind turbine, which served as a milestone for the firm, in 2010.
  • In 2014-2015, Jia International began producing DTH Water Well Drilling Rigs, Blast Hole Drilling Rigs, Direct Rotary Water Well Drilling Rigs, and many others.
  • Presently, Jia International is fastest-growing and most promising industrial organisation of India, with a reputation for technological brilliance, high-quality goods and services, and a strong customer focus.
  • There cannot and must not be an end for an institution that has grown to incredible heights. The Jia International narrative, unlike other stories, continues.


The strategy of our company is formed in such a way that it is stimulating our strength and moulding our future. Moreover, our strategy is based on the following:

  • Market Leadership:
    • In every sales market, we ensure firm and committed leadership.
    • To focus more on core expertise and core technologies.
    • To keep extending our leadership and significantly improving dealer collaboration and performance.
  • Technology Leadership:
    • To exceed the expectations of customers with superior products & solutions like Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig, Diamond Core Wire Line Drilling Rig, Industrial Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig, etc. Dominant deep expertise, innovative technologies and disciplined execution with adequate and sustained investment.
    • To differentiate ourselves from competitors with the help of technological advances.
  • Vision 2024:
    • To be regarded as the industry leader in all areas in which we conduct business.
    • Our business approach is driven by the desire to be the best.
    • Our products, services, and solutions assist our customers in achieving success.
    • Today, our work assists our customers in creating a more sustainable future.


Innovation in ideas, operations, and strategy has become a critical component for our organisation as it charts its route towards a future in a corporate world without boundaries. The goal is to continually deliver innovative goods and services, which we do by utilising the following:
  • Investing in innovation Research:
    • Knowledge and input are critical components of our product design and development process. Every project we do draws on our experience and skills to assure we have a depth and breadth of understanding from the beginning, providing a foundation for our unique thinking to evolve. 
  • Concept Development:
    • At every level of the product design and development cycle, innovation and fresh thinking are critical. Preliminary design concepts are as diverse as feasible, based on our research. Brainstorming, sketches, basic CAD modelling, sketch models, and test benches, among other procedures, are used to produce concepts.
  • Ergonomics & Aesthetic Styling:
    • Regardless of practical advantages, the appearance of a product frequently decides its market success. We design our goods using sketching and 3D modelling, constantly improving the looks of the products to appeal to the target market without losing function.
  • Computer Aided Design and Engineering:
    • Our engineers are active in the design process and product development to ensure that our product design concepts are feasible in terms of function and manufacturing. Their breadth and depth of expertise guarantees that we can push the boundaries in terms of design and production techniques. We use both physical and virtual models to test functional concepts and product design solutions, allowing us to continually evaluate and refine an idea. We test functional concepts and product design solutions using both real and virtual models, allowing us to continuously assess and enhance an idea. We can extend these testing by developing extremely realistic model and assembly parts of a product utilising our computer-aided design abilities and powerful Solid Works software.

Quality Policy

We have devised a quality policy that is based on the following parameters:

  • To clearly understand the needs of customers and provide optimum solutions like Diamond Core Wire Line Drilling Rig, Industrial Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig, Truck Mounted Hydraulic Drilling Rig, etc.
  • To meet the commitments given in terms of supply, dependability, and trouble-free operation of our high-quality products.
  • To keep upgrading the technology of our products and services.
  • To always strive for technological excellence.
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